principal companies
Webster Drives (UK): Webster Drives is the specialist in designing & manufacturing of Power Take-Off’s & bespoke transmission systems, operating within niche market sectors of the automotive industry. Founded in 1878 to make wind driven water pumps, Webster Drives moved into PTO’s in 1934, & have since produced in excess of half a million units. Their PTO’s have been developed over the years to combine performance with ease of operation & reliability. These units are used by leading truck manufacturers & body builders to provide auxiliary power to drive operating equipment. The company has used its expertise in gearboxes & vehicle technology to design & develop a range of transmissions comprising special purpose gearboxes, transfer boxes & axle assemblies for vehicle applications, from fire service, construction equipment to all terrain vehicles.
Holmatro Rescue Equipments (The Netherlands): In 1967, Messrs Nöllen & Wessels started a home based trading business that specialized in hydraulic equipments. Over forty years later, today Holmatro is a successful manufacturer that directly employs more than 300 people. Acclaimed & accepted as the world’s No 1 in the field of emergency hydraulic rescue equipments, Holmatro has set the standards worldwide. It is a globally operating company with manufacturing plants in the Netherlands & the US, & representative offices in England, China & Poland. Holmatro has got an extensive network of dealers on all continents & its products are used across the globe. Holmatro designs, develops, manufactures & supplies Rescue equipment, Industrial equipment & Marine equipment globally. Its products are innovative, high quality & above all, effective under the most diverse conditions.
Interpump Group (Italy): Interpump Group, the world's largest manufacturer of high pressure pumps, was born in 1977 from the intuition & initiative of a man, Fulvio Montipò, & has developed thanks to the perseverance of other men who shared his philosophy, giving life to an extremely ambitious project. Mr. Montipò, in fact, introduced substantial technical modifications to the product, designing & building pumps that were more compact, quieter & easier to service. Another qualifying element of this innovation was the adoption of full-ceramic pistons, which ensure a higher overall reliability. This authentic revolution permitted Interpump Group to achieve worldwide leadership since the early 80's, thus becoming the recognized reference, even for competitors. The leadership has strengthened throughout the years, up to now, thanks to the completion of its range & to unparalleled quality standards, guaranteed by a total control of the production process, starting from raw material, up to the finished product. Interpump Group manufactures pumps with pressures up to 500 bars & professional high pressure cleaners, with 75% of total sales destined for export.
Will-Burt Company (USA): Incorporated in 1918, the company makes custom & standard lighting (mast) systems, which have been the leading choice of rescue crews around the world. Meeting NFPA 1901 specifications, Willburt roof-mounted & vertical systems are able to reach heights up to 12.5 Mtrs. as standard (higher masts available as options) & can be mounted internally or externally. Quick deployment & up to 12,000 watts of illumination can be provided on the masts. Their telescoping antenna mast & tower systems provide intelligent solutions to everything, from military mobile communications, to broadcast, cellular & specific custom applications. Reliable & durable, their electromechanical, pneumatic & galvanized steel towers & trailers allow higher payload capacity without sacrificing speed or performance. The company is employee owned, with an ISO 9001 Certified quality system in place. Willburt designs manufacture & test systems that help its clients work smarter & safer.
HO Bostrom (USA): H.O. Bostrom Co. has been a leading seat supplier for off-highway & specialty on-highway equipment for over 50 years. By offering complete design, engineering, fabrication, & assembly of seating systems & components, they offer their customers the advantage of single sourcing of all of their seating requirements. Their product design team has over 200 years of combined experience, developing ergonomic & superior quality seating. Their standard line of seating & seating components can be combined to offer nearly every option & adjustment for any application. H.O. Bostrom's current manufacturing & product development facility was built in 1990. Designed solely for the efficient manufacture of quality seating, the 50,000 square foot facility houses complete production. Through a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach, complete CNC production as well as Solid Works & Pro-Engineer CAD systems, they are able to offer an unmatched level of design & quality. Their on-site testing facility ensures that quality standards & FMVSS requirements are exceeded. Whether the client is an owner, builder or re-furbisher, they can provide adaptable designs & proven ergonomic comfort & durability.
Rescue Jack (USA): The Res-Q-Jack line of products, are considered as some of the best in vehicle stabilization equipment. The company, created by Cris Pasto, called Cepco Tool Company, began with a product “The Bowrench” for easy installation of warped decking boards, plywood, etc. This success brought about a product called the QuikJack®. Encouraged to join a local fire department, Cris was exposed to many creative tools in the fire service, but saw room for improvement, in vehicle stabilization. So he spent several months prototyping, & finally developed the first Res-Q-Jack® Model RJ1. An article in the Firehouse Magazine was a launch-pad for the Res-Q-Jack line. After the RJ-1, the RJ-2, RJ-3, & RJ-4 models were introduced & the company continued to develop & improve the product. The RJ-3 continues to be their "flagship" strut. In 1998, Res-Q-Jack became its own company. Different lines of rescue struts based on the RJ3, have been developed, in addition to helpful accessories such as end fittings, jack units, straps, & even the Res-Q-Saw. Res-Q-Jack makes a rescuer's job easier. They not only help save lives, they set the bar high for vehicle stabilization programs.
Alumitech Airboats: The Search & Rescue airboat specialist The Alumitech Airboats based in Orlando, Florida, with roots in Central Florida’s airboat industries that reach back to 1964, manufactures specialized air boats which offer an ideal combination of size & capacity to effectively carry the maximum number of people & yet remain agile enough to travel in very shallow water without any problems. The hulls of the boats are made of aluminum, specially designed for search & rescue operations. Especially handy in fast moving currents (during floods) & maneuverability around buildings. They are also good for ventilation as well as clearance of smoke, on structural fires as their propellers can move a large quantity of air very quickly. The boats offer seating capacity for 10-12 people & provide maximum equipment storage capability. Walk around decks provide stable work platforms for divers & a secure patient treatment area. Watertight compartments are provided for the storage of equipment. The airboats are fitted with engines of over 400 BHP. Composite propellers give increased thrust & reduce fuel consumption & noise. The Airboats are capable of carrying a wide Variety of Emergency Equipment.
Just Leitern (Austria): With over 120 years of experience, product quality & safety, Just Leitern has continuously strived to live up to their motto “Proudly made in Austria". The employees constantly produce the best possible products of safety ladders for customers. The continuous development & training of employees & good cooperation from customers have enabled the company to expand the production base & to consolidate their market share. The use of innovative production technologies, & sustainable partnership with customers, employees & suppliers, has helped them successfully face the challenges & tasks at hand. The company was founded in 1885 as JUST-conductors in Vienna. Logging was done from 1889 & the company was committed to factory-like production of ladders, scaffolds & wooden devices. In 1914 the company receives the right to lead the Austria-Hungarian Imperial & Royal imperial eagle. The company was converted in 1976 from sole proprietorship into a corporation. At the 100 year celebrations, JUST was honored again & won the Austrian national coat of arms in 1985. Today, JUST AG manufactures & supplies ladders made of aluminum, wood, steel & plastic for any height requirement. A well stocked warehouse, offering expert advice JUST additionally offers rental of scaffolding & roll-fronts to its clients.
Jinmyung21 Company (S. Korea): Since its establishment in 1998, manufactures portable fire fighting engines / equipments of Jinmyung21 has been devoted solely to the automotive industry & has accumulated extensive know-how & technological Expertise. In starting fresh & taking on new challenges for the 21st century, our goal is to become a company that is most trusted by our customers in the global community. The world's leading automotive parts maker specializing in module assemblies in line with our motto "We can do it," while banking on the indomitable spirit of the Korean people & relent less pursuit of challenges ahead. The Jinmyung challenging for the ultimate in technology to live up to the motto, "We can create the best automobiles only when people with sound minds exert their sincere & utmost efforts & infuse an inspirational spirit in their work". In addition, we will seek to offer the best service & production system for the highest quality products to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering our core capacity in technological development in the aspects of safety, convenience & the environment through ceaseless creativity & a challenging spirit. With constant efforts to provide our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction in all aspects. In the wake of an era of unlimited competition in the 21st century that is full of hope, we are renewing our commitment to become the world's leading automotive parts maker company.

Elkhart Brass Fire Fighting Equipment (USA): Is an experienced manufacturer of innovative firefighting monitors and fire protection equipments. Their products can be found in fire departments, military, marine, and industrial firefighting applications, all over the world. The Elkhart Brass Company was established in 1902, by Albert E. Hansen, USA for making monitors & they have the largest selections of quality monitors. Well known for its commitment to quality, value, and customer service, Elkhart celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2002, & still operates at its original site in Elkhart, Indiana. In addition to manufacturing and management, the site also houses product research and development, engineering, and product testing for 2,000 products used in virtually every aspect of fire fighting.